Bardo Industries

Renegade NYC

Renegade is a counter-culture creative hub created by artist Cassidy George, shedding light on the hidden talent of NYC's contemporary artists.
As the name suggests, Renegade aims to push existing boundaries of the current art scene; breaking with convention and fostering the creative vanguards of a new artistic generation.

Cassidy approached us to develop a new branding and website for Renegade, that would allow emerging artists from the local scene to express within different formats.

Inspired by New York's late 70's-early 80's underground scene, and Cassidy's DIY ethos, we conceived the brand & website combo to embody an organized chaos that would reflect the unique content it spawned.
The brandmark works as a stamp: by changing the underlying content, the brand can reinvent itself every time, keeping its core identity.We created a series of interchangeable NYC letterings, inspired by the skate/hxc culture.