Bardo Industries

Industry City Studios

IC Studios is an artists and creators community located in Industry City, a complex of former warehouses on the Brooklyn waterfront.

On May 2017, over 100 artists, designers, and makers opened their doors including painters, photographers, sculptors and woodworkers, jewelry and clothing designers, floral, textile and graphic designers, as well as woodworkers and architects, among others. Also, there was artisan food and beverage purveyors including specialty bakeries, whole-animal butchers, wine merchants, distilleries, and more.

We were brought in to develop the Brand Identity for Industry City Studios, as well as the complete graphic universe for the event —an array of posters, postcards and more.
Logotype & lockups
Wayfinding imagery
The poster/map helped visitors to navigate the buildings and find the studios and artists they wanted to visit.
Photography by Celeste Martearena
During the weekend of the event, more than 10k people visited Industry City.