Bardo Industries

Freecell Architecture

Freecell is an architectural firm based in Brooklyn, NY that strives to make site-specific, three-dimensional constructs that transform and question the use and perception of space, creating installations, residences, and furniture.

Due to its continuous growth, Freecell Architecture approached us with the need for a new and representative identity that would appeal to both artistic and high-end clients while reflecting the adaptative and organic nature of the firm.

We conceived the branding as an open system of logotypes, generated by projecting the brand into multiple surfaces; the resulting shape can be perceived from different perspectives, generating a new brandmark for each new angle.
Three different surfaces
An initial symbol was projected onto three different surfaces. From the source of the projection, the symbol looks almost unaltered; yet when viewed from a different angle, it can be perceived how the projection mimics the relief of the surface, thus creating a new, distorted image.
A defined set of views produced one variable of the logotype, with three different skins that could be applied to it.
Set of accompanying patterns.