Bardo Industries

Snapshots of Brownsville

Snapshots of Brownsville is an editorial project that features portraits of local residents and participants of the programs of Brownsville Community Justice Center, one of the operating programs of the Center for Court Innovation.
The folded poster features participants of the program as well as residents of Brownsville whom have been touched, envolved with the Brownsville Community Justice Center somehow and tells how this experience was from their point of view.
"The Brownsville Community Justice Center seeks to re-engineer how the justice system works in Brownsville, Brooklyn. In particular, the Justice Center is dedicated to building multiple off-ramps for young people who come into contact with the justice system. When fully implemented, the Justice Center will provide much-needed educational, occupational, social, and health services at nearly every stage of the justice process, from arrest to sentencing to reentry. No matter how the Justice Center encounters a person—whether it’s a case diverted from prosecution or a mandate from a judge or an individual returning from incarceration—the goals will be the same: to provide the kind of services and support that young people need to become law-abiding members of society. The ultimate goal is to reduce crime and the use of incarceration, while at the same restoring local faith in the justice system."
Ph. Michael Falco