Bardo Industries

Red Hook Community Justice Center

Launched in June 2000, the Red Hook Community Justice Center is the nation's first multi-jurisdictional community court.

We were commissioned to design a commemorative set of invitation and catalog, for the Center’s celebratory 15th-anniversary event, held at The Brooklyn Museum.
Design Approach
Using the Center’s reputation as a beacon for justice, we came up with a design related to its current branding but in a contemporary context: strong lines, bold colors, instantly recognizable.
From the initial invites through to the donation set, the design gave a traditional, heritage-focused feel to the event, representing a journey, that could be experienced by all attendees.
About the Center
Operating out of a refurbished Catholic school in the heart of a geographically and socially isolated neighborhood in southwest Brooklyn, the Justice Center seeks to improve public safety, to reduce the use of incarceration, and to improve relations between the justice system and the local community.
At Red Hook, a single judge hears neighborhood cases from three police precincts (covering approximately 200,000 people) that under ordinary circumstances would go to three different courts—Civil, Family, and Criminal.