Bardo Industries

Grillo Matto

Grillo Matto is a rock band from the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We designed the record cover for the band's self-titled debut album and its follow-up, Indestructible.
Eponymous album
Throughout the album, guitar-driven tunes and catchy melodies serve as a backdrop for the obscure and mystical nature of the lyrics, which were deconstructed and reconstructed in a mash-up narrative that spurred the graphics.
The leitmotif of the artwork is a Nietzschean tension between God and man; layers of symbolism and metalanguage overlay in an intricate design that is meant to be submerged in rather than just contemplated.
Poster for the official release of Grillo Matto.
Indestructible takes up the philosophical baton from its predecessor; boring deep into the aftermath of Man killing God, and the rise and fall of the new hero. Emancipation, a state of euphoria, followed by numbness and decay.
Like the eponymous album, we made a mash-up from the lyrics, that served as a narrative for the artwork. Still highly metaphorical, it borrows elements from classic art, Greek mythology and pharmaceutical advertisings from the early 20th century.
Poster for the official release of Indestructible.